Nov 11, 2018

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Choose Correct Car Lifts For Your Needs

One of the reasons why people in mobility devices are reluctant to venture out as much as they’d like to is because of the sheer impracticality of transporting their device. How do you get your wheelchair or your electric scooter from the house to the store or to a friend’s house that is clear across the neighborhood? That’s where car lifts are an invaluable help. A car lift helps transport your mobility aid to wherever you want.

The Different Types of Vehicle Lifts to Meet Different Needs

Vehicle lifts do not come in a one-size-fits-all configuration. Considering there is such a wide assortment of mobility devices as well as so many different types of vehicles to transport them in, it is not surprising that mobility lifts come in a wide range of configurations to fit the different needs. This can often be confusing for someone who needs to get one but is not sure which one is right. Browse this site listing about  Car Lifts

Tips for Choosing the Right Car Lift

The first thing you will need to take into consideration is the type of mobility device that needs to be transported. Manual wheelchairs, which are most commonly used devices, are also the most cumbersome to transport. They are often too bulky to fit in the limited space of a car and even if the car is spacious enough, they are too heavy to hoist into the car. For manual wheelchairs the most convenient solution is to use an external lift, which is attached to the hitch of the vehicle so there is no question of lifting and you are not bound by space constraints either.

Motorized lifts work great for electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. These too come in a various configurations. Some are designed exclusively for wheelchairs or exclusively for mobility scooters whereas the universal models are designed to be used for both devices. The second factor that you will need to take into consideration is the type of vehicle that you will be using. Is it a larger, more spacious van or SUV or is it a regular family car?

Most family cars do not have enough space to hold a wheelchair and you will have to use either a hitch mounted lift. If you are using a larger SUV or a van, you have the most choices available to you. The best option is to use an internal wheelchair lift, which lifts and carries your mobility device into the spacious interior of the vehicle. When you are looking for a car lift, it is important to choose the right model that will meet all your requirements. Make sure you consider what your lifestyle needs are and explore all your options before you pick one for yourself.